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Kapasia Upazila Map | Map of Kapasia Thana

Kapasia Upazila Map | Map of Kapasia Thana

Kapasia (কাপাসিয়া) is an Upazila of Gazipur district in Dhaka Division, Bangladesh.Kapasia is part of the estate Bhawal old and falls within its boundaries. The Bhawal National Park, one of the most important national parks of Bangladesh in Dhaka Division, is 20 km from Kapasia.As 1991 in Bangladesh census, Kapasia has a population of 303,710. Males constitute are 50.83% of the population, and females 49.17%. Eighteen of the population of 154,204 Upazila. Kapasia has an average literacy rate of 100% and the national average of 32.4% literate.

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Map of Kapasia Upazila

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